RK Merchandise

Our Engraveable Merchandise

Handcrafted Laser Engraved Koa Wood Pens
Honolulu, Hawaii

The Famous Fisher Space Pen Collection
Featuring the New Stylus tipped Fisher Pens
Honolulu, Hawaii

Medical Alert Bracelets and Necklaces
Honolulu, Hawaii
Speidel Fashion ID Bracelets

Engraved  Baby Cups & Bracelets
Sterling Silver,  Pewter, Stainless Steel and Silver Plated Baby Cups
Honolulu, Hawaii  

AA Sobriety Medallions & Gifts, Honolulu, Hawaii
AA Anniversary Chips, Honolulu, Hawaii
AA Chips and Coins, Honolulu, Hawaii
Engraving Available on Bronze and Plated AA Medallions
From 24 Hours to 60 Years, The Best Selection in Honolulu, Hawaii

Brass and Aluminum Plates, Name Tags, Name Plates...

Call about our Same Day Service
Regular Service takes 1 to 3 Days for all our
 in-house Metal Engraving.
Laser Engraving will take 2 to-4 days.
Larger quanties will take longer, i.e. 24 Koa pens. 

Engraving for Baby Items

AA Sobriety Medallions

We know having a baby is a very special occasion and we stock a number of items that you can get engraved with a name, birthday or quote. Choose from sterling silver or lead-free pewter baby cups, or if you prefer silver plated or stainless Steel.

We carry  a large inventory of AA tokens and medallions, "Chips",  from 24 hours to 60 years. We offer special pricing for Groups. This has been a wonderful part of our business for the last 16 years. 

Ask us about these and other specialty items.
Get your merchandise from us - call or come by today!
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